Ossett Pictures - Ossett Station from a train

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Ossett station as seen from the rear of a train leaving the station

An unusual picture taken from the front of a train heading towards Wakefield (and probably destined for Goole, as was the custom then.  Dewsbury is behind the camera and the train would have originated at Bradford Exchange.

Thanks to Roger Hepworth for the above information and Roger also recalls:

"I well remember this photo being taken as one of a series by, I think, an Ossett Observer photographer, just prior to closure of the line to passenger services - say in June 1964.

If you look closely, you will see the peak of a railway cap poking out from the left hand side of the window pillar.  This was Mr Woodhouse, the Stationmaster at the time.  According to the station staff with whom I chatted at the time, he had walked down the platform so as to be in the foreground of the specially posed picture.  To the staff's great amusement, however, he had then managed to be cut off from sight by the pillar.  Mr Woodhouse lived in the station house and continued to do so, along with his wife, after closure of the station.  He worked out his time on the railway at  Wakefield Westgate until his forthcoming retirement."

The station closed as a result of a review by Dr. Beeching in 1964 so this picture must be pre-1964. The access walkway down from Station Road can be seen very clearly in this photograph.