Lodge Hill Farm from Wakefield Road

Flushdyke Wakefield Road with Lodge Hill in background

This picture of Wakefield Road, Flushdyke is viewed from Knoll Close and shows Lodge Hill Farm in the distance, which was under the tenancy of George Sutton in the 1950s. The farm was approached through a stile (shown at the left of the letter box shown in the picture) and then through the "bottom field". Behind the trees, on the right, was Ossett Town's football field. Part of the building on the left is the current AHED property. The high wall with the letter box is now only 18" high and previously it ran down to the two roadside cottages. Beyond the cottages is Fern House WMC, with the green shed which served as a concert room and a snooker room. The red building to the right of Fern House WMC was a house belonging to the Flesher family.