Flushdyke School - 1950s

Flushdyke School

This is a 1950s view from Shepherd Hill, Ossett towards the rear of Flushdyke school, which is now the approach to the M1 motorway. On the left is the front of the Bethel Chapel and behind is Spencer and Halstead (Engineers). The strips of fields above the railway line ar the "Longlands", and the redbrick mill (top left of the sketch) is Mickman and Denton's old property, which is still in existence today. Beyond them is Ossett Town Hall and to the right is Ossett Holy Trinity Church with the chimneys of Sutcliffe's Moulded Rubber works and Bickle's Northfield Mill. To the right of the church is the mill chimney of Walter Walker & Sons and then Ward's Bottomfield Mills opposite the junction of Dale Street with the A638 Wakefield Road.

The road in the sketch runs down from Dale Street to the railways bridge (now demolished) and the old Flushdyke Station was located on and to the left of bridge. Access to the station platforms was by a long flight of stairs from the other side. The white building at the left of the school is the Railway Hotel which was shored up with buttresses for a few years before being demolished.