Roundwood Colliery, Ossett

Roundwood Pit

Old Roundwood pit was built on the site which is now an industrial estate on the Wakefield side of Queen's Drive is now located and the pit baths (picture above) were on the road side where the BP petrol garage is located almost adjacent to the Holiday Inn.

Railway trucks were filled with between 8 and 12 tons coal and the railway ran across the main A638 road on a mineral railway link line from the LNER Bradford - Wakefield main line at Low Laithes. Trucks would have to pass over a weightbridge, which was on the opposite side of the road to the pit to check theri tare weight. From there they would go across into the pit yard to be filled by hoppers. The little pit railway engine would then take them back across to the weightbridge to calculate the load being carried. From here the trucks would be taken to the nearby main railway line for onward despatch or into the yard adjoining where they were allocated to coal merchants. It was good, hard-burning coal called "Silkstone Best."

After WW2, coal was still rationed and local coal merchants had their allocation. One local coal merchant was S.H. Longbottom, who lived in nearby Dale Street and every fortnight he could go to Roundwood for his allocation of coal. John T. Longbottom, the son of S.H. Longbottom provided some of the information on this page for which I am most grateful. Some of you may recall John who was a teacher at Gawthorpe Junior School and also attended Holy Trinity and Flushdyke junior schools.

The house shown beyond the railway line is still there today, and is the end house of a terraced row. In the 1940s, this house was occupied by a family called 'Alvey'.