Flushdyke Fisheries and Tarmac Works

Flushdyke Fisheries

This building was situated close to Flushdyke school and was owned by a man called Johnny Dews, from a well-known local family in Ossett and was a popular mainstay for family eating.

How much were fish and chips circa 1945 and were they served in old newspapers? Did they taste any better? How big were the portions? Was it haddock or cod or whiting? Were there any other sundry items, for example fishcakes and if so, were they mashed up fish and mashed up potato or slices of potato and pieces of fish. Any sausages, pies, etc? Salt and vinegar provided?

Next door was the old Tarmac Works; a regular playground for younger "Flushdykers", but dirty and dangerous i.e. just what everybody wanted. No elf'n'safety in those days! There were old star drums, broken conveyors, old rail bogies and a tower to climb, which was better than Alton Towers.

In the background is Lodge Hill Farm.