Flushdyke Post Office and Bickle's Grocer's Shop

Bickle's Grocers, Flushdyke

The shop depicted above was known to everyone as "Joe Bickles" and was a grocer's shop as well as being a local Post Office branch for the Flushdyke area. Joe Bickles was the cousin of Sam Bickles, an ex-Ossett mayor and the owner of Northfield and Spring Mills.

The huge delivery bike was ridden by two aspiring youths: Harry Hemingway and Keith Ward, who took full orders of family groceries up and down the main street of Flushdyke.

Immediately behind the shop was Eckert's Yard and the bottom house was occupied by one "Mick" Green and family; another house belonged to the Welburn family and the left-hand house was occupied by Lawrence Bickle, the nephew of shop-owner Joe. The Bickle family originate from Devon and came to Ossett in the 18th or early 19th century.

Lodge Hill Farm can be seen in the distance.