Ossett Pictures - South Ossett Baptist Church, Baptist Lane

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Baptist Lane Chapel

This picture of the former South Ossett Baptist Church in Baptist Lane dates back to the early 1970s or late 1960s. The church was demolished in the 1970s and later in 2002 the adjoining graveyard was completely destroyed when the diggers moved in. This act of vandalism, which was sanctioned by the then vicar of the South Ossett Baptist Church caused much consternation with local residents whose ancestors were buried in the graveyard. The last burial had been carried out at the site in 1972.

What is left of the graveyard still remains with broken monuments and headstones scattered over a wide area. It is understood that the church had tried to sell the land occupied by the graveyard on two occasions before it was bulldozed with no success. I doubt many of us would want to live in a house built on the graves of those poor souls who died over a hundred years ago, which makes the action of those responsible puzzling to say the least.

After demolition, South Ossett Baptist Church was replaced with smaller premises off Junction Lane in Ossett and this church is still active in 2011.