Ossett Pictures - Inside the old Wesleyan Chapel

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Inside the old Wesleyan Chapel

A rare picture of the inside of the old Wesleyan Chapel, which stood in Wesley Street and was demolished in 1961 because the cost of upkeep of the grand building was beyond the means of the shrinking congregation. Many of Ossett's mill owners were Liberals and Wesleyan Methodists and some of the more affluent ones paid an annual subscription for their own pews in the Chapel. The Wesleyans also had chapels as part of the same circuit at South Parade and along Dewsbury Road, near to where Kingsway is today.

There were many different Methodist chapels in Ossett in the 19th century, and quite a few different 'flavours' of Methodist non-conformism. The Wesleyans were distinctly middle-class by the standards of the day, but the Primitive Methodists attracted a more working-class following.