Ossett Pictures - Wesley Street 1907

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Wesley Street as it looked in 1907. For many years, Wesley Street was the main route to Dewsbury via Pildacre Hill when it used to be known as Oxley Lane.

The Wesleyan Sunday School building built in 1825 can be seen on the right. For many years, this was the main elementary school in Ossett until the opening of Southdale Council School on August 22nd 1908.

The building of the new Wesley Street premises was a considerable achievement for the Wesleyan Methodists in Ossett. The two storey building had an upper storey consisting one large room with an elaborate pulpit at the end furthest away from Wesley Street and a sloping gallery with a cloakroom underneath at the Wesley Street end. This large room was used for Church services and then during the week, it became an elementary school, accommodating 150 children divided into five classes. Downstairs, there were several small rooms, which held two classes from the Senior School above and also accommodated the Infants School.

It wasn't long after completion of this ambitious new building that it began to be used as an Elementary School. The Church Trustees maintained control, but they let the buidling for use as a school, every day but Sunday, to a man named Lucas at a rent of one shilling and sixpence a week. He then charged each child up to sixpence a week for the privilege of attending.