Trolley Race at Shepherds Hill

Trolley Race

Trolley Race down Shepherd’s Hill passing Ashton’s Buildings with spectators Fatty Clark and Jim Wilby watching from the Vironita sign on the left as the Bradford train via Ossett trundles past on the L.N.E.R line.

Shepherd’s or Shepherd Hill is situated at the Wakefield end of the Flushdyke Road where Burdekin’s is located. In times when traffic flow was lower and slower this was a well known route for young lads to try out their home made buggies. Often made from spare bits of wood and boxes with wheels from old prams and baby buggies. They somehow held no fear for yesteryear’s youngsters, or their parents, as they thundered down the hill waving frantically to the bus and train drivers. If you didn’t win the race there was always “best of three”.