Town End Cottages, Ossett before demolition in 1959

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Town End Cottages 1959

This picture from the "Ossett Observer" in 1959 shows Town End at the junction of Prospect Road, Ossett. The account in the local newspaper read as follows:
"The three old cottages on the left have been vacated under closing orders made by the Corporation. Over the doorway of the first house can be faintly seen an inscription "E. Townend, Grocer" and it is believed to have been the home of Mr. Eli Townend, town councillor, county councillor and industrialist, who played a prominent part of Ossett's development as a centre of the rag, shoddy and mungo trades. These buildings, in the oldest part of the Borough may in the not-too-distant future, like others in the vicinity, be removed as the scheme for redeveloping the town centre and constructing a new road to Queens Drive gets under way."