Three-Way and Cattle Gate, Spring Mill

THree way cattle gate at Spring MIll

This view, entitled “Three-Way and Cattle Gate, Spring Mill”, is from a Spring Mill of years gone by looking north towards Flushdyke, Shepherd Hill and Cross Keys. The sketch shows Burdekins and the works chimney on the horizon with a lane leading towards Queens Drive and Haggs Hill.  This old lane,  now merely a footpath, can still be walked, and leads to and from Burdekins on the Flushdyke Road (formerly the Wakefield –Halifax Turnpike Road). It was once the way to Wheatley’s Colliery and beyond to a coal pit on the eastern edge of what is now Spring Mill Golf Course.

 Spring Mill Lane itself is on the left of the sketch, and winds its way towards Bethel Chapel and  Flushdyke School on the Flushdyke Road.

The wooden post at centre of the sketch was crucial.  It prevented cattle choosing a route which had not been approved by the herder as he went about his work herding cattle to and from the field gate shown in the sketch.  The lane in between, running right to left in the sketch, led  under the Mission Lane Bridge  to St Oswald’s Mission. The three stone posts  in the centre foreground led off to the Three Arch Bridge (now approximately where Towngate Petrol Station stands) and to  Tumbling Close Terrace and Mitchell’s Mill.