Ossett Pictures - Station Road

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Station Road was opened in 1889 at a cost of £7,000 and linked Ossett Market Place with Manor Road. The local board in Ossett insisted on making all Ossett roads just 30ft wide when the national standard was 36ft wide. The Local Government Board in Whitehall authorised the spending of £1,000 for the widening of Church street, but refused any further grants until all new Ossett roads were made to the national standard.

There was a great deal of argument in Ossett about the new road and eventually James Wheatley gave a strip of land two yards wide and 500 yards long so that a 36ft wide road could be built. The Great Northern Railway Company who were at that time building Ossett Station would only build a bridge that was 30ft wide and so the curious situation arose whereby we have a 36ft wide road and a 30ft wide bridge.

Now the station and railway lines no longer exist, Station Road has subsequently been widened where the old railway bridge was located.

The double fronted house on the left of the picture is Ivy Bank, 58 Station Road, which was extended after this photograph was taken. The house was owned in 1890 by Thomas Brook.