Old Hotel at Spring End, Horbury

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Spring End Hotel

Spring End map

The old building pictured in the first photograph was located at Spring End, Ossett Spa, just over the Ossett boundary in Horbury. In its heyday between 1840 and 1880, the building is thought to have been a hotel for patrons of the two Spring End "Cheltenham" Baths, which were popular in Ossett Spa at the time. The mineral baths and their history are featured in detail in the Ossett Spa page of this website.

In later years and certainly into the 20th century, the baths were closed as they went out of popular fashion and the Spring End hotel was converted into three separate houses. The map that follows the picture of the house shows where the building was located. Demolition of the house took place in 1968 after the building fell into disrepair and had been left unoccupied for two years. The "Ossett Observer" for the 24th August 1968 had this report:


"This old house at Spring End, Horbury, empty for the past two years, is now being demolished under a council clearance scheme. In its heyday, the building was probably a hotel, used to house visitors to Ossett Spa.

Some of the walls of the house are 22 inches thick and a date stone near one of the windows is 1785. The house has four storeys, including an attic, and also a cellar.

In its latter days, it was divided into three separate houses, each of which had six rooms. Its last occupiers were Mr. and Mrs. J. Bolas."