Prop Row, Sandbeds, Flushdyke

Prop Row, Sandbeds

Another sketch, but from a different angle, of Prop Row, Sandbeds, Flushdyke. This perspective is of Prop Row, Sunny Side a.k.a. posh side or top-end, with the old track road through to Lodge Hill Farm in the rear ground.

The Ossett bypass or "Mad Mile" bisected the track, which still exists in part and can be accessed by going along what was Eldon Terrace, under the By-Pass and turning left, then right to rejoin the original track shown in the sketch.

George Hemingway’s Joiner’s shop is shown on the right rear and an N.C.B. towel dries on the washing line to the left. Arthur has opened his door early morning to empty his pisspot on a friendly dog, whilst George Sutton of Lodge Hill Farm is busy tending his land in the rear ground fields.