Ossett Pictures - Opening of Ossett to Wakefield Tram Service

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First Ossett Tram 1904

Another Ossett Tram

Picture one shows the first tram from Wakefield to Ossett just leaving Station Road and entering Ossett market place August 15th 1904. The second picture is a few years later, but shows a similar scene. Two tramway systems operated from Ossett, one going west to Dewsbury, 2½ miles away, and another east to Wakefield, about 3½ miles away. By changing tramcars at such places as Dewsbury, Wakefield, or Leeds, it was possible to make very long journeys from Ossett entirely by tram.

The last tram to run from Ossett was to Agbrigg, Wakefield on the 24th July 1932. The Yorkshire (West Riding) Electric Tramways Co. operated the routes from Ossett to Wakefield and the Dewsbury & Ossett Tramways company ran the routes up Church Street to Dewsbury. There was a tram depot on Church Street almost opposite the Woodhead Manufacturing Co.