Ossett Pictures - Ancient Order of Druids 1911

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Ossett Group 1911

This picture is from a family photograph album and is believed to date from about 1911. It is taken in Ossett and shows members of an Ossett Society, believed to be the The Ancient Order of Druids, Nymphs Lodge No. 34, which was a Benevolent Society set up to provide cash benefits to its members if they could not work due to illness. There was no NHS and no sick pay in those days and these friendly societies were popular institutions at the turn of the 19th century. The society dates back to at least the 1840s in Ossett and it is known that meetings were held at the George Hotel for over 100 years. The Nymph's Lodge branch of the Druid's Friendly Society was wound up in 1949 as the new National Health Act had made them outdated and no longer needed.

My grandfather Gerald Wilson (standing, fourth from the left) and his younger brother Austin Wilson (sitting, extreme left) are in the picture. Some of the people in the picture, including my grandfather appear to wearing some kind of insignia on their chests, which may be relevant. Does anyone recognise any of the other people?