Ossett Pictures - Industrial Ossett

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This is a favourite picture showing how industrial Ossett looked from the Flushdyke area. Douglas Brammer has kindly identified the mills in the picture and the location of the site where the photograph was taken.

The picture was taken from the lane leading to Ossett from Flushdyke, across the fields, just after coming through the Three Arch Bridge (as shown in Douglas' Flushdyke Sketches). Nowadays, the scene would be viewed approximately where Longlands Road meets Towngate.

The largest chimney in the foreground belongs to Denton's Mill, which was sometimes known as Ings Mill and the building nearest the camera is now Victoria Bathrooms, which is accessed opposite Ossett Fire Station off Dale Street. The other chimneys are thought to be those of Ward's Bottomfield Mill and Scratchard's Mill, off Wakefield Road, opposite Springstone Avenue. The photograph must have been taken prior to 1912/13 because Walter Walker's mill chimney is not present.

It was said that Ossett had at least twenty woollen cloth mills in total, many producing mungo and shoddy from rags.