Ossett Pictures - Ossett Grammar School 1916

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Ossett Grammar School circa 1916

This picture is believed to date back to about 1916 or possibly slightly before. It is the entrance to Park House, which became Ossett Grammar School in 1906. So far, the people in the picture have not been identified, but it is assumed that the older man, seated in the foreground of the picture, is either a master or possibly the headmaster. Mr. Michael Frankland was headmaster for 31 years from 1881, followed by Mr. H. G. Mayo in 1913.

In the early days of the school, there were two distinctive academic streams, i.e. 'commercial' or 'professional', which were chosen by the pupils at the end of the fourth year before advancing to the fifth form. The 'commercial' syllabus covered such things as business studies, book-keeping and shorthand, with the pupils leaving at the end of the fifth year. The 'professional' syllabus was broadly based on classical subjects, but with expectations of these pupils going on to the sixth form and then university.