Ossett Pictures - Ossett Church Feast 1910

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This picture was taken in 1910 showing people in the Market Place celebrating one of Ossett's School Feasts, in this case, the Primitive Methodist Feast, a fund raising event held each year.

The Wesleyan Methodists also had a School Feast and for many years, it was called 'The Potation', which actually means a 'drinking session' and in the early 1800s, plenty of alcohol was consumed. One year, it was noted in the Treasurer's account book that the expenditure included a half-sack of malt and four pints of rum.

In later years, with the growing popularity of the Temperance Movement and the enthusiasm for temperance with the Wesleyan Methodists, the term 'Potation' was quietly dropped. The School Feast made quite a respectable profit for the Wesleyans, which was added to the school income. However, each child had to pay for the privilege of attending the School Feast.