Ossett Pictures - Old Ossett Church

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Old Ossett Church built 1806

This picture is from 1866 is believed to be the earliest photograph of Ossett and shows the demolition of the old Trinity Church that was built in Ossett Market Place in 1806. The town has been served by a church of its own since at least 1409. Formerly located in the ancient parish of Dewsbury, Ossett was declared a separate parochial district in 1858 and this was a chapel of ease. The picture shows the remains of the tower, which was very likely taller and topped with a cuppola.

In 1865, Holy Trinity Church, built on land adajacent to the new graveyard for Trinity Church, on Field lane, replaced this building, which was reportedly "an ugly barn-like affair." A nearby stable, believed to have been the site of Cox's ironmongery shop, was used by worshippers arriving on horseback. Not far away were the stocks, where offenders were punished by being subjected to public ridicule. The stocks were abandoned at about the same time as the church was demolished.