Ossett Pictures - Mayor Harvey Robinson in 1912

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Harvey Robinson - Ossett Mayor 1911

A rare picture, taken outside Ossett Town Hall, with the red carpet laid out ready for the visit of King George V and Queen Mary on the 10th July 1912. The King and Queen were on a four-day tour of the West Riding and visited several local towns including Ossett.

Harvey Robinson (pictured with the mayoral chain) was a local rag merchant and was installed as the new Mayor of Ossett in 1911. To his right is Mrs Robinson and to his left, wearing a top hat is that Ossett Town Clerk T.W. Wilson. Others identified in the picture are James Hampshire Nettleton J.P., J.T. Marsden, G.F. Wilson, D.B. Broadbent and W. Moys.

Harvey Robinson lived nearby at 'Fairfield House', Wesley Street and was Ossett's mayor on three occasions, including at the start of WW1 in 1914. He served on several WW1 tribunals and took an active part in recruiting of local men into the war effort.