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Hannah Pickard Fountain

Hannah Pickard lost her two brothers David and Andrew in 1882 and 1890. David died intestate and, as his heirs at law, Hannah and her surviving brother, Andrew, were each entitled to half of David’s estate. Being aware that David’s "adopted" son George had not been provided for by his father, Hannah declined her half share, assessed at £20,000 (adjusted to 2019 prices =£2.4m) which then passed in law to her brother Andrew who, in his Will, left it with his trustees for the maintenance of Green Mount and the education of David’s son, George.

When Hannah’s brother, Andrew, died in 1890, his estate was valued at £164,000 (adjusted to 2019 prices = £20.9m). His Last Will and Testament left his real estate and chattels to Hannah as his next of kin. He also made substantial bequests to many charitable causes together with sums in trust including £9,500 (adjusted to 2019 prices = £1.2m) for his uncle Robert Mitchell and his nine children or their children. Andrew left his half share of David’s estate in trust for David’s "adopted" son George and his children or, failing issue, to Robert Mitchell’s children.

Just nine months after her brother Andrew’s death, Hannah Pickard passed away at her home, Green Mount, on June 29th 1891 agwed 52 years. She left an estate worth almost £140,000 net (adjusted to 2019 prices= £17.8m). Her Will specified 56 legacies to individuals and 48 bequests to charitable organisations.

Hannah Pickard’s Will required her Executors to erect a drinking fountain and water trough in the Market Place or in some other suitable location at a cost of about £500 (adjusted to 2019 prices = £63,000) to be presented to the Corporation of Ossett as a memorial of the 1890 Incorporation of Ossett and the donor.

It was erected in the Market Place in 1893 and began to be dismantled in 1948 to be removed entirely in 1956. After several years of storage, what remained of the memorial was relocated in Green Park shortly before 1964. Having suffered at the hands of vandals, the remains of the memorial was finally removed on the authority of Wakefield Metropolitan District Council in 2007.

HP Fountain Green Park

Above: The remains of the Hannah Pickard Fountain in Green Park before it was vandalised and removed from the park.


Above: The remains of the Hannah Pickard fountain in 2020

Some of the details on Hannah's fountain have survived over the years as can be seen above. This is all that is left of the fountain which Hannah bequeathed to the people of Ossett. The remains of the fountain have now been removed from Green Park and are safely stored in Ossett. Time to get it back into the Market Place. Where it belongs.