Hammer and Stithy, Wakefield Road

Hammer and Stithy

The Hammer and Stithy Public House, Wakefield Road, Streetside proudly displaying its John Smith’s Magnet Ales sign in the 1950s. Reddick’s fish shop is on the left and Frank Green’s barber’s on the right of the sketch, at the other side of Stithy Street. The Hammer and Stithy, recently re-opened after a period of inactivity, was also previously known as the Hammer and Anvil, presumably in case anyone didn’t know what a stithy was.

Recorded in 1821, when James Naylor was the licensee in 1829, the public house was advertised to let in the Leeds Mercury. It was then described as an old, established and well accustomed Public House with stables, other outbuildings, twelve horses and three acres of land adjoining thereto, situate at Ossett Street Side.