George Street and Broomcroft Road, Ossett

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George Street, Ossett

Broomcroft Road, Ossett

This first postcard picture of George Street, Ossett was probably taken in the 1920s and it was hard to identify exactly whereabouts in Ossett this street was located, simply because George Street doesn't exist today.

Thanks to some excellent detective work by Neville Ashby, who from checking out old Ordnance Survey maps, was able to find out that George Street had been extended and had then been renamed Broomcroft Road, which is off Healey Road.

The second modern day picture clearly shows the house on the right of the two pictures with a gable end parallel to the road, plus the terrace of five houses before it, with the wider chimney stacks and five upstairs windows. The buildings beyond the wall are the continuation of the road, as it is today.