Ossett Pictures - Employees of V.N. Wilson and Co. 1926

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A picture taken circa 1926 of the employees of V.N. Wilson and Co. Bedding & Mattress manufacturer, Prospect Works, Ossett. Vincent Norman Wilson (1885-1974) was the elder brother of my grandfather and had a thriving business in Ossett until the 1926 General Strike and the recession that followed when the business failed.

Vincent Wilson is not in this picture, but his father James Wilson (1854-1939) is the older chap in the centre of the picture wearing a white overall. To his left as we look at the picture is his eldest son James Henry Wilson (1883-1969) and next to him is youngest son Edwin "Teddy" Wilson. The lady with the white collar in the next row down is James' youngest daughter Myra Wilson (1901-1984). Largely, a family business, my grandfather Gerald Emil Wilson (1887-1971) was the agent for V.N. Wilson and Co. in Lancashire and lived in Preston when this photograph was taken.

Sadly, it was reported in the "Ossett Observer" 16th July 1927 that Vincent Wilson's business had failed:

"The creditors of Vincent Norman Wilson, trading as V.N. Wilson and Co., mattress and bedding manufacturers of Prospect Works, Ossett met at Huddersfield on Friday. The statement of affairs showed that there were liabilities of £3,463-17s-0d and assets of £1,525-12s-6d, leaving a deficiency of £1,938-4s-6d. The assets as estimated should be equal to 8s-10d in the Pound, subject to realisation and costs. There are trade creditors £2,261 and cash creditors of £578. The debtor started business on his own account in 1914 with capital of about £350 and he attributed his position largely to a lack of capital. The debtor was asked to pay 7s-6d in the Pound within a week, failing which he would be asked to execute a deed of assignment in favour of Mr. Fred Sheard, Accountant, Huddersfield as trustee."

Originally, the company had premises on Prospect Road, but as the business expanded, larger premises were acquired on Intake Lane. The old Prospect Road workshop was sold off and became a snooker and billiard hall.