Ossett Pictures - Edwin (Teddy) Wilson

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My grandfather's younger brother Edwin Northing Wilson (1897-1928) better known as "Teddy" on an Omega motorcycle in about 1927. After leaving the Royal Navy, where he served during WW1, Teddy became a foreman wood machinist at his brother's factory V.N. Wilson and Co. in Ossett. Teddy lived with his parents at Moorcroft Cottage on Church Street, which has now been demolished and replaced with modern housing.

Teddy unfortunately died in 1928 following injuries sustained whilst taking part in motor cycle reliability trials at Darton, Barnsley. There were no proper crash helmets in those days and Teddy died from a fractured skull.

I have subsequently found out that this picture was "doctored" and in fact, Teddy's girlfriend was sitting side-saddle on the pillion of the motorcycle in original picture. If you look closely, you can see the ethereal outline of a young lady, and particularly the feet are still just about visible. Teddy's mother apparently didn't approve of his girlfriend and after his death, the photograph was modified, albeit rather clumsily. No software like Photoshop in those days.