Ossett Pictures - Tram entering Dale Street

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Dale Street and Church Street

Not sure when this picture was taken. It shows a tram turning right out of Church Street into Dale Street. What appears to be a steam powered vehicle can be seen further down Dale Street.

My thanks to Roger Hepworth, who has kindly supplied this information by email about the picture:

"The tram is surely coming out of Church Street- the driver seems to be visible and the tram is on the Ossett-bound track. I would hazard that the date is around ten years later than you suggest (circa 1922).

As far as I am aware, none of the Dewsbury tramcars had a top cover until two were supplied by the United Electric Car Co of Preston in 1915. I believe the next two had to wait until August, 1921, this time made by the English Electric Co. All cars were top-covered by 1925.

The tops were said to have come by rail to Ossett station and to have been towed to the car sheds on bogies. Another pointer to the date is what looks rather like a Sugg pendant ('Rochester' ?) design gas lamp in the distance on the right. The steam lorry looks rather like those made by Foden around that time."