Ossett Pictures - Chickenley Heath Station 1905

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Chickenley Heath Station

This is the only picture I have seen of Chickenley Heath station, which was on the branch line between Ossett and Batley. The picture is believed to date from about 1905, before passenger trains were withdrawn from this stretch of line. The motor bus train shown above was nicknamed the "Chickenley Coddy" and it was unable to survive competition from the introduction of trams.

From the 12th April 1880, with the completion of the Dewsbury “loop”, Great Northern Railway passengers were able to reach Batley from a relocated Dewsbury station or from Batley Carr (both of which opened on the 15 March 1880). As a consequence, the original GN route between Ossett and Batley via Chickenley Heath lost much of its traffic with coal trains from Shaw Cross Colliery and a passenger shuttle between Ossett and Batley (withdrawn from 1 July 1909) being the only regular services. This heralded the end of Chickenley Heath station and it closed in 1911.