Ossett Pictures - Bank Street Changes

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Bank Street

A composite picture of Bank Street showing how it has changed over the years. The two pictures are a "then" and "now" look at Bank Street, immediately adjacent to the George public house. The first picture was probably taken in the 1950s or 60s. The impressive stone building, opened in November 1993, that has replaced the old shops is Ossett Police Station.

Ossett is a town with 21,000+ residents, but unfortunately, there is no public counter at Ossett Police Station for local residents to contact the police directly by simply walking in. This sad state of affairs followed budget cuts across West Yorkshire's police force in 2006, although there seems to have beeen no commensurate reduction in traffic police and mobile speed cameras. However, in 2005 Wakefield district neighbourhood policing team set up a base in Ossett Police Station. It is believed that Ossett police station is not manned at night or weekends and contact with the police can only be made by telephone.