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Stanley Cudworth

Stanley CudworthSeaman Cook Stanley Cudworth, LT/JX 173181, H.M. Trawler "Sea King", Royal Naval Patrol Service

Stanley Cudworth was born in Ossett on the 3rd January 1904, and baptised at Christ Church, South Ossett on the 5th November 1905. He was the elder son of five children born to Cuthbert Cudworth and Lily Taylor, who married at Earlsheaton Parish Church on the 25th October 1898. At the time of their marriage Cuthbert, from Middlestown, was a sub-postmaster and 31 years old. Lily was 23 years old and was living at Earlsheaton. They moved to live in Horbury where they had their first child, but shortly thereafter they moved to Ossett where the other four of their children were born.

In 1911 Cuthbert, an insurance agent, was living with Lily, a milliner, and their five children, all under the age of 10 years, on Station Road, Ossett.

Stanley Cudworth married Gertrude Annie Popple in late 1928 at Scarborough and they had three children; Derek ( born summer 1929), James (born late 1930) and Donald (born summer 1933). In 1939 the couple were living with her parents at 6, Lower Clark Street, Scarborough with their three children.

The Grimsby trawler "Sea King", built in 1916 at Cochrane's Shipyard in Selby, became a British Royal Navy Trawler after being requisitioned in August 1939 and joined the 40th Minesweep Group at Grimsby, and used as a Minesweeper. Under the captaincy of Lt. Robert Stevenson Miller, RNR, who survived, on the 9th October 1940 she was sunk by underwater explosion believed to be a mine when 28 nautical miles out from Bullsand Fort, Grimsby Roads, Grimsby in the North Sea. Bull Sand Fort sits about 1.5 miles off Spurn Point and during WW1 had four 6 inch guns mounted on it. A huge net ran across the Humber from Bull Sand Fort to Haile Sand Fort. This was to protect against German Submarines and each fort could accommodate 200 soldiers.

The Depot for the Royal Naval Patrol Service, developed from the pre-war Royal Naval Reserve Trawler Section was at Lowestoft during the 1939-1945 War. At the outset of the war the men of this service were mainly the fishermen of the requisitioned trawlers and drifters used on patrol work, but later it included men from all walks of life and various types of small craft.

Seaman Cook Stanley Cudworth, aged 36 years, the son of Cuthbert and Lily Cudworth; husband of Gertrude Annie Cudworth, of Scarborough, Yorkshire was one of 13 crew of H.M. Trawler "Sea King" who perished on the 9th October 1940. He is remembered on the Naval Memorial at Lowestoft on panel 4 column 2.


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