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Harry Green

Corporal Harry Green, MM, 4541381, 1st Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment.

Ossett CORPORAL HARRY GREEN MM In September, 1944, No. 2721 Field Squadron was acting in an infantry role on the Eighth Army’s front in Italy. On 28th September the Squadron withdrew from the line and concentrated at Citta di Castello to come under command of “Wheeler Force”, and to operate with Skinners Horse, along a road running northwards from San Piero in Bagno to San Sifia. On 2nd October the Squadron took over the commitments of the 8th Manchester Regiment and carried out patrols for the remainder of the month, with the Lovat Scouts on their right flank and Skinners Horse on their left flank. The zest with which the Squadron performed its patrol duties can best be illustrated by quoting an entry from the Squadron Operations Record Book, dated 7th October, 1944, which states: “Lt Col Wheeler stated that due to certain future developments it is not desirable to cause the enemy to increase his strength in this area. There was definite evidence that the enemy had started to thicken up in the area following upon the patrol activity of this Squadron and the adjacent Lo

My thanks to Anne-Marie Fawcett for providing the "Ossett Observer" reference for Sergeant Edgar Abbott.


1. "Ossett Observer", June 22nd 1945