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Alfred Gibson

Gunner Alfred Gibson, 1774519, 205 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Artillery

Alfred Gibson was born in Dewsbury on the 6th September 1915, the¬†youngest of four children and the only son. Alfred’s father, also Alfred, died several months before his birth. ¬†Featherstone born stableman, Alfred Gibson (1865-1915) and Barnsley born widow Kate Blackburn, formerly Lindsey (1880-1940), had married at Barnsley in 1898.

Alfred Gibson junior, working as a mule piecener, married Annie Mary Ellis in Spring 1939 and lived with his wife’s family at 97, Bridle Lane, Gawthorpe. The couple had one child, Barrie Gibson born in summer 1941, who married Anne Mitchell in early 1964. Three children appear to have born to the couple; Martin (born 1964), Julie Anne (1967) and Robert (1971).

A small force of Commonwealth troops was sent to the Faroes in April 1940 to guard against a possible German invasion following their occupation of Denmark. Although no invasion was attempted, the islands suffered a number of raids from the Luftwaffe in 1941 and 1942. The garrison, which at its peak numbered 6,000, was greatly reduced in April 1944.

Faroe Islands

Above: Location of the strategically important Faroe Islands.

Gunner Alfred Gibson, aged 27 years, died on the 24th November 1942 whilst serving in the Faroe Islands and is buried in Grave 10 in Midvaag Military Cemetery. Midvaag is on the south coast of Vaago, one of the western islands of the group. The cemetery is to the west of Midvaag Harbour on the road to Sorvaag. There were no other burials at Midvaag Military Cemetery on the 24th November 1942, and is likely that Gunner Alfred Gibson may have died as a result of an accident or sickness rather than an enemy air raid, which were isolated and infrequent.

It is thought that Annie Mary Gibson (nee Ellis) married again in late 1945, to Jack Baldwin.


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