How old was Reginald Earnshaw when he went to war?

What was the largest house at Flushdyke in Ossett called?

How many fires were there at Spring Mill in total?

Where can you see the old entrance to the railway station?

What was there before the Town Hall was built?

What was the weather like when the Town Hall Foundation Stone was laid?

What animals can you find in Trinity Church?

What illness was treated at Park House when it was a hospital?

What was buried under the foundation stone at Temperance Hall?

What is the only visible sign of the old fire station?

What do the three roses on the coat of arms represent?

Which members of the Royal family came to Ossett?

What was the name of the first film shown at the Palladium?

How many bombs were dropped on Ossett in World War 2?

How much did the Hannah Pickard Fountain cost?

What kind of sweets were made at Flushdyke?

What is the name of the organ in the Town Hall?

How did Green Park get its name?

What takeaway food did Eli Townend sell in the Market Place?

Which park contains the re-used Wesleyan Chapel railings?

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Rachel Driver, May 2020

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