Queen Street was originally called Widgery Lane, then later Hodge Lane, but in the 1880s, it was renamed again as Queen Street, most probably in honour of Queen Victoria. However, on the 28 March 1871, the "Leeds Mercury" carried a report of fire at Mr William Allanson’s draper’s shop in Queen’s-street, Hodge Lane, Horbury, so it is likely that local people had already termed Hodge Lane as Queen Street before the change was made official.

Above: A 1930s picture of the old buildings at the junction of High Street and Queen Street, some which are believed to date back to the 15th Century.

Queen St junction with High Street

Above: A similar shot to the above 1930s picture of the junction of High Street and Queen Street, but this time in 2016. Picture courtesy of Helen Bickerdike.

Queen Street

Above: Shops at the top of Queen Street, opposite St. Peter's Church in the 1980s. Photograph courtesy Neville Ashby.

Queen Street, Stan Barstow Gardens

Above: Part way up Queen Street is a garden dedicated to the memory of Horbury born author Stan Barstow, author of the novels"A Kind of Loving" and "Joby".

1717 Datestone on building in Queen Street

Above: This building on Queen Street, Horbury with a 1717 datestone, which demonstrates the great age of these shops.

Central Stores, Grocery and Drapery

Above: Central Stores, Grocery and Drapery believed to be located on Queen Street, Horbury. Thanks to Anne-Marie Fawcett for the picture.

Old Horbury, Queen Street

Above: Old Horbury looking down Queen Street in the early 20th Century. The shop on the corner is now the Post Office and the wall on the left-hand side of the picture has been lowered in height. Thanks to Anne-Marie Fawcett for the picture.


High Street is the main thoroughfare through Horbury between Wakefield and Ossett and the appearnce hasn't changed too much over the years, although the shops certainly have.

Horbury HIgh St. 1905

Above: Horbury High Street in about 1905. The Fleece Hotel is on the right and next door is Slater's Tea Stores. Slaters shop was at the junction of High Street and School Lane. Slater's Tea Stores were built in 1901 and the shop was demolished when both High Street and School Lane were widened in 1929.

High St. Horbury

Above: Horbury High Street in the 1990s with the old Co-Op building on the left.

Old Co-Op Store, Horbury

Above: This is how the Co-operative Store in Westfield Road, Horbury used to look in the 1980s. The new store which replaced this one was built on the High Street in the 2000s.

High Street 2016

Above: Horbury High Street in 2016, with the new Co-Op building on the near right and the entrance to Queen Street on the left. Picture courtesy of Helen Bickerdike.

Horbury Methodist Church 2015

Above: The old Methodist Chapel on Horbury High Street was demolished and this is the new Horbury Methodist Church built in its place and opened in the summer of 2016. Picture courtesy Anne-Marie Fawcett.

Foundation Stone on the new Methodist Church

Above: The Foundation Stone laid in 2015 to mark the construction of the new Methodist Church on Horbury High Street. Picture is courtesy of Anne-Marie Fawcett.

Stephen Wilson, September 2016