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John Thomas Dunnill

John Thomas Dunnill

John Thomas Dunnill was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1894, the first child of bricklayer, Robert Wetherill Dunnill and his wife Ellen (nee Law) who married in 1882. The South Yorkshire couple had six children from their marriage: five boys and one girl. The eldest two children were born in Glasgow in the mid 1890s, but in the late 19th and early 20th Century, it appears the family were seeking work in Surrey and Cheshire, before settling in Ossett sometime before 1905.

By 1911 Ellen Dunnill and her six children aged between 2 and 17 years were living in a three-roomed home at 13, Church Street, Ossett. John Thomas Dunnill, then aged 17 years was working as a twister for a woollen manufacturer. His father, Robert Wetherill Dunnill was not living in the household, but was one of 113 patients, described as 'inmates', at the Royal Hospital at Chapel Street, Salford.

John Thomas Dunnill, a 21 year old warper, of Field Head, Church Street, Ossett married Polly Smith of the Beehive Inn, Gawthorpe, at Ossett Holy Trinity Church on the 24th July 1915. A child, Ida Constance Dunnill, was born to the couple on the 10th January 1916. After John Dunnill's death in 1919, his widow Polly Dunnill married Albert Hemingway in 1921 and the couple went on to live at Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury.

John Thomas Dunhill is remembered on the Ossett War Memorial. However, it is not yet known which regiment John Dunhill served with during WW1. A service record for John T. Dunnill does not appear to have survived and since his death occurred after the end of WW1, in September 1919, and he was buried at Ossett, there is no Commonwealth War Graves record of his death or the regiment in which he served.

A Medal Index Card exists for two soldiers named John T. Dunnill. One is for a Private T4/262670 in the Army Service Corps, and the second is for a Private 57790 who served in the Manchester Regiment and later in the Border Regiment with a service number 31197.

A third possibility exists in the name of Private 15247 John Dunnill who enlisted with the Yorkshire Regiment and embarked for France on 26th August 1915. He was awarded the 1914-15 Star in addition to the British and Victory medals and on his Medal Index Card is written what appears to be "Cl Z 13.7.19"

A Family Tree on Ancestry also has the first two records above for a John Thomas Dunnill as possibilities. The Family Tree also has photographs of John Dunnill's wife (near the Station Hotel, Ravensthorpe) and his daughter Ida, but unfortunately none of him.

John Thomas Dunnill, of 34, High Street, Gawthorpe, Ossett was buried at Ossett Holy Trinity Church on the 6th September 1919, aged 25 years.